August 2017 Test the Waters Tour is complete and happening!

Hello Friends,

we are looking forward to these dates.  Due to Dan, Eric, Keith and Terry’s schedules these are all we can do for this, our first tour in almost 10 years.  We hope you can come.  Sorry if your town isn’t on here.  The business of booking is mighty daunting.  We know quite a few of you don’t mind missing your favorite tv show or even traveling to see the band.  Most of the shows are earlier and have no opening band so you’ll have time to either hang out with us after or run home to watch the news. Details and many ticket links on the Gig’s page.  Don’t forget to like our Facebook page either.  Let’s get it on!!

hmmm, what do you know?

The Yayhoos haven’t performed as The Yayhoos for almost 10 years. We’ve all missed it and have decided to test the waters by going out for a couple long weekends this August. We hoped to present these dates to you when they were final but we got scooped while we were still in progress. We won’t be playing everywhere but the dates we will be playing will be posted here as they come in.  Hope to see you!