Yayhoos 2017 Test The Waters Tour postponed

From the Yayhoos Facebook page.

Hello Friends, we’ve got some Yayhoos news for you. Sorry to say the tour has to be put off for health reasons. I’ll post Dan’s announcement directly below but I want you to know that Terry Anderson, Keith Christopher, Dan Baird, Robert Kearns and I (Eric Ambel) all appreciate the enthusiasm that you’ve show us. We’d like to thank the clubs that opened their doors to us too. We were really looking to playing for you all. Here’s Dan,

Long post warning-
Gang, I gotta take a leave of absence for the rest of the year. It’s a medical thing. CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Knew i had it and it was coming but I thought it was a couple of years off. Not so. Older folks blood condition that wants to eat up you body and red blood cells as well as leave junked white blood cells like wrecked cars all over the blood stream. Inherited. Treatable. But debilitating in the short term when it picks up a head of steam, like now.
Dern tootin I’ma gonna give it a fight. I got a good piece of stubborn in me, might as well put it to a decent use.
The bad news is The Yayhoos shows, and the 2 weeks in the states and a month in Europe and England of db & HMS shows this year that I can no longer do. Sorry.
I’ll find a way to get stronger. Skip the damn crying emoji, please. It makes me feel like a death sentence. It ain’t. One of the most addressable blood disorders.
Besides, I’m the luckiest fucker any y’all ever even heard of, and I know it.
Mick Brown has me set up in a nice English hospital right now, and am being treated to be well enough to fly home and start the real work. Great staff here at the hospital and this wacky idea that you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Oh those crazy socialists!
Shout out to Pete Mason for calling “its time, get his ass to the hospital “.
Warner Hodges, Mauro Magellan and Micke Björk are doing the last 3 HMS shows as a 3 piece. Throwing it together to honor the dates in the back of the van rolling to the gig. Gentleman, you are truly what the good shit is made of. Certified dudes.
Now, if you don’t put the top hat on the mic stand and play a huggy kissie/Freebird medley at least once I’ll never forgive you.